10th birthday of my cat Kaede

February 10 is the birthday of my cat Kaede. 10-years have passed since I brought her in my house. I always do love cats. But, I didn’t have own cat for a long… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone. How was your Valentine’s day? I baked cookies the day before yesterday. I send them to my friends and sister yesterday. I suppose they received them on this Valentine’s day. In Japan… Continue reading

“the” is difficult for me

Hello everyone! How are you? It was very cold today in Japan. The highest temperature in my town was only 2 degrees Celsius.(35.6 F) Since they forecast snow, my boss and I discussed that… Continue reading

Graphic gallery and National museum

At the end of the last month, I went to Ginza in Tokyo to see some art shows. Ginza is famous for shopping streets. It was also famous for galleries. Because of rise… Continue reading

My New Year’s resolutions

Hello everyone ! Today I met one of my friends. He came up with meeting at a cat cafe. Of course I did. By the way, I am writing about my new year’s… Continue reading

reflections on Kyoto trip

Hello everyone! Today is already 25 in January. Time flies. I have written about my Kyoto trip on 11 posts. I had good time on the trip. I realized that 3-days are not… Continue reading

Kyoto station & souvenir

How are you doing this cold days? Yesterday I got surprised that I look so pale in the mirror. My left toes got cramped. Please stay warm and be careful for your health. There’s a lot… Continue reading

trip to Kyoto day3-5 Ryoanji temple

It is Tuesday today. Usually I have holidays on Wednesday. Tomorrow I am going to meet my friend and see art shows in Tokyo. I am looking forward to see him for the… Continue reading

trip to Kyoto day 3-4 Omuro cherry trees

On our third day in Kyoto, we visited Ninnaji temple. On the last post I write about Goten area in the temple. After that, we walked into the heart of it. It has… Continue reading

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